Mary Savage

C.H.N. BSc Comm. BAJ

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Graves, an overactive/hyper thyroid and although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was the impetus for a much bigger journey. 

Over the next two years, I followed the protocols of western medicine, but I also educated myself on foods that supported thyroid health and rebalanced the endocrine system.

However, my thyroid had yet to stabilize and the only medical option was to drink “radio-active” iodine. This protocol was hailed as the ‘gold standard’,  but it would also crash my thyroid and render it useless forever. Going forward, I’d be on prescribed synthetic hormones – forever. 

Initially, the treatment worked, but in the coming months my body rallied. 18 months later, my thyroid markers had normalized and I came off the meds. My thyroid had grown back and was functioning within the normal range – a rarity for this outcome! 

After a few more rounds of blood work, the results were clear and surprised my doctor, “What have you done?” she asked in disbelief.

“A lot!”, I replied excitedly. I had explored many natural modalities and believed it was the sum total of everything: dietary and lifestyle changes, chakra and energy work, meditation, on-going thyroid research and… I never gave up on my body.

Mary Savage

Decades of Experience

My thyroid journey was the catalyst for a career change and a few years later, I wound down my publishing business and returned to school to study holistic nutrition. When I graduated, I realized how little I knew about natural health and continued to pursue a life-long course-of-study while working full time in the field.

After working for a national vitamin company, followed by seven years inside Sobeys with the Natural Source and Wellness department, I worked one-on-one with hundreds of customers – everything from anxiety and food sensitivities to sleepless nights and weight loss.

Today,  the learning and research continues through webinars and online courses, networking, workshops or simply discovering a new book. However, it also continues as the needs of client’s change.

From time to time, I offer workshops. Here are a few topics:
Understanding the Importance of pH
Nuts & Seeds: what you need to know
Foods that Balance Hormones
Intermittent Fasting

I am truly passionate about helping people – whether it’s getting started or getting unstuck. When you understand the importance of small, but consistent changes, good things start to happen. Staying healthy takes work, but it is also highly rewarding – as evident in how good you feel day-over-day.

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