When it comes to nourishing your body, what you eat is just as important as how and when you eat.

As we age, it feels like our bodies don’t work as well: slow digestion, broken sleep cycles, unexplained weight gain/loss, memory fog, aches and pains, and the list goes on…  

These are all considered some form of “inflammation”. We are good at adapting, but after years of living with these subtle changes, we wake up one day and can’t ignore them. This is usually when  our conversation begins… 

I ask a few questions and your answers help me understand how to guide you and bring your body into a more balanced state: one step at a time.

Whether it’s getting started or getting unstuck, I am truly passionate about helping people and when you understand the importance of small, but consistent changes, good things start to happen. 

Holistic Nutrition

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Writer/ Editor

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Energy Intuitive

Tarot & Oracle Reader

A lifetime of experience

I’ve always had one goal in this lifetime: to help people open their minds – just enough – to consider an alternative view point or solution. As a young journalist, my goal was always the same: to shift the readers’ perspective if only to say, “I hadn’t thought about it like that…” and after decades of published articles, I’ve achieved this goal… countless times. 

When I launched a new career midlife, it was – once again – to shift one’s perspective, but this time with nutrition:  where does your food come from and who grew it? After a meal, do you feel nourished or crave more, maybe bloated or sleepy? Does your energy slump mid-afternoon? Crave sugar? Joint pain? I help people rethink their relationship with food: does it increase inflammation or promote optimal health? When you learn to identify deficiencies and sensitivities, you begin to rebalance the gut – making this a common starting point. 

And most recently, from the outer reaches of my mind: reading Tarot and Oracle cards. This started as a hobby several years ago. Turns out, it’s another calling as I master the language of tarot and the art of divination. Whether it’s understanding a situation better or considering a new opportunity, the cards lay it out. 

When you open your mind to anything new, there’s a common denominator here: ask the right questions and you’ll be guided in the right direction

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”   – Hippocrates 

When you understand the relationship between nutrient-dense, whole foods and the body, everything changes. I help clients forge new relationships as they learn to nourish their bodies differently. Individual consulting and workshops available. For more information, please email: mesavage@telus.net


Writer/ Editor

I started writing when I was very young and just never stopped. It is both a passion and a calling. From blogs and books to magazines, I have covered a wide array of subjects, talked to hundreds of people – from all walks of life – and visited some very interesting places. I need only a few perimeters to get started. Services on contract. For more information, please email: mesavage@telus.net

Energy Intuitive

Are you looking to change jobs? Have a new crush? Are you moving? Pursuing a new business partnership? Is this the right time? Are there other options? As a reader, my style is uniquely tailored to meet each client’s individual queries. For more information, please email: mesavage@telus.net

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